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Oklahoma Baroque Orchestra

Oklahoma Baroque Orchestra seeks to provide the Oklahoma City metro with new and exciting performances of music from the Medieval to Classical periods. The ensemble is comprised of professional musicians in the area who teach and/or play with the Amarillo Symphony, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, the University of Oklahoma, and many more.

As the only professional early music ensemble in OKC, Oklahoma Baroque Orchestra is developing new audiences and challenging the preconceived notions surrounding the modern concert hall.

Dylan Madoux Historical Keyboards

Madoux Historical Keyboards provides tuning, regulation, repair, and rentals of historical keyboard instruments.

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Vitam Musica Chamber Orchestra

Rebranded as the Oklahoma Baroque Orchestra, this chamber orchestra’s primary goals were to showcase lesser-known and traditionally underrepresented works from the Baroque to the Contemporary period. This orchestra is comprised of approximately 8-45 players depending on the programmed repertoire. This orchestra made its debut performance in Norman, Oklahoma, in the spring of 2019--presenting works by C.P.E. Bach and Ernest Bloch in "Bloch to Bach: A Tour de Force" featuring an original eponymous ballet. Vitam Musica has featured works ranging from Bach, Quantz, and Handel to Dussek, Nielsen, and Bloch.

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