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Dylan Madoux Historical Keyboards

In addition to offering tuning, regulation, repair, and other maintenance services, the folowing instruments are availible for rent.


Zuckermann Flemish Single - Refurbished by Dale Munschy 2017

This 52-note (GG/BB-ddd) Flemish Single has a disposition of 8'X4'/buff and is transposable 415/440hz. The case, lid, prop stick, and music desk are finished in forrest green, satin enamel, with antique white molding accents. The keywell, lid, and soundboard surround are decorated in imported Flemish papers from the shop of Marc Vogel. The keyboard includes walnut capped naturals with bone capped solid mahogany accidentals. It is strung in IWS wire and was restrung in 2019. Complete voicing and action overhaul performed in 2019.


COMING SOON - Hubbard French Double by Peter Sykes/Dale Munschy

This harpsichord will be available for rent after routine maintenance is performed and the case redecorated.


COMING SOON - Wood, Small, & Co. Square Piano (circa 1818-1822)

This instrument will be available for rent following a complete restoration by Madoux Historical Keyboards.

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